Alentejo Webdesign designs and builds websites since 2008. We could tell you over hundred words about our skills, experience and technologies we use, but we would like to keep it simple; We just create beautiful good working, easy to manage, delicious affordable websites!

WordPress Speed Up Service:
Simple pricing: € 100,00

WordPress Speed Up

Alentejo Webdesign provides a unique “Fast website” service to optimize your website load speed time and make it fast and more reliable. Unique optimization skills and technologies in combination allows us to perform the website acceleration process within a few days. And we guarantee a maximum of 2 Seconds page load after the work is completed. Use our expertise to improve your website speed. Page load speed has a direct correlation to the position your site has in the search engine results. Faster sites will rank higher!

WordPress Doctor

Alentejo Webdesign fix all WordPress Issues quickly and expertly. We know WordPress inside out. We can identify and fix any WordPress issue right away. Here’s how this is going to go: We will fix your WordPress issue for € 35,00. Stop worrying. Let us do the work. Our Guarantee 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if we can´t fix your issue. Do you want more information, a quick fix or something else?