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Speed Up Your Website! The Need For Speed !

Alentejo Webdesign provides a unique “Fast website” service to optimize your website load speed time and make it fast and more reliable. Page load speed has a direct correlation to the position your site has in the search engine results. Faster sites will rank higher in Google! Let us make Google LOVE your site by complying with their new Core Web Vitals grading and ranking factors.
You Have Just 3 Seconds To Impress Your Visitor. Don’t Lose It By Slow Loading. 95% of customers don´t wait if a website takes longer than 5-6 seconds to load!

Yes, that´s a big number.
People spend a lot of money on building websites and even more on marketing to get traffic… but what happens when those people come to the website and the website is slow to load? You lose sales.

Slow loading websites lose sales.
But we have a solution! Say goodbye to slow loading websites and say hello to lead conversations!
Our solution will increase the loading speed of any website, and ensure quick conversions!

Website Optimizing
Alentejo Webdesign provides a unique “Fast website” service to optimize your website load speed time and make it fast and more reliable. Unique optimization skills and technologies in combination allows us to perform the website acceleration process within a few days. And we guarantee a maximum of 2 Seconds page load after the work is completed. Use our expertise to improve your website speed.

Our Guarantee
If we can’t decrease your website loading time and we can’t speed up, however it is rare, then we will not charge you!
Is your website loading slow ? You are at right place. Our job is to make your website extremely fast in just a couple of days !
Our speeding service ensures your site is fast loading on most servers! We provide Life Time Support for the time your website is online.

Need speed?

Are you tired of a slow website? Do not wait any longer and contact us! Get in touch with us for additional information about our Full Website Speed Optimization services.

Why should I bother?

Because website speed has a direct impact on the engagement of users. Google’s research has shown that slow websites have higher bounce rates and worse overall user experience.

Join our WordPress Speed Club…

What Is Included In Our WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Premium Caching Plugin

We will install and setup either WP Rocket or Swift Performance Pro on your site depending on which will yield the best results and the most speed. Plugins come with a lifetime license.

Database Optimization

Your database is the sweet spot of all your saved website content and data. Over time databases can become bloated storing tons of info that you site does not need anymore. We will do a detailed optimization of your entire database.

Full Image Optimization

Images can be a massive drag on the load time of each page within your website. We will not only optimize all the current images you have but make sure that going forward all images you add to your site will automatically optimized for speed.

Detailed Optimization Report

You will receive a detailed report on the improvements of your site. The report will include speedtests of before and after our work, including pointers for even more speed. Testing is done with GTMetrix Legacy, Lighthouse and Pingdom Tools.

We Value Every Client!

Tell us more about what you want to accomplish. We help you think of possible solutions in an ever-changing digital world.

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