Project Brief

The creation of a website for the purpose of Dental Center Veur, located in the Netherlands. The creation, design and integration of all website content. The optimization of the site’s user experience. Website development carried out on the WordPress CMS. Development of the website using responsive design. Multi browser navigation.


Alentejo Webdesign broke the project down into Design, Functionality, Usability and analysed what modern website elements could be used to make the site feel ‘more alive’, without compromising the loading speed of the website due to too many heaving loading animations. Utilising modern web technologies such as jQuery and CSS to give subtle animations throughout the site that didn’t compromise page load times.

With our in-depth knowledge of the dental industry, we understand that patients have a preference for doing a lot of stuff online, so it was important to create a possibility for making appointments, changing patient data and registering online through the new website.


A vibrant looking website with fast loading times, that is easy to navigate and encompasses the feel that THC Veur were trying to achieve. The responsive design adapts beautifully no matter whether it is used on a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop.