Project Brief

Pedro Nunes provide a private airport taxi service from Faro & Lisbon Airports in Portugal to any by customer desired location. They needed a website allowing customers booking a cab online with just a few clicks. The system has to calculate prices, based on distance, number of persons and kind of car and allow clients complete freedom when selecting pick up or drop off destination.

The Challenge

To give a correct price the system needs to collect multiple pieces of information from a client, while at the same time keeping the booking process as short as possible. Clients also needed to be able to select locations anywhere in the country.

The Strategy

To make the booking process interactive and give the feeling of progression we split the taxi booking module over multiple sections. Cost related information was to be given first, allowing the system to generate a price and keep the client’s attention before proceeding to enter personal details. Our developers used the well known Google Maps API keys to allow customers select a location anywhere in the country. The system then can calculate a price based on distance, number of persons and kind of transportation.

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