Bollard accountants is a young and modern accountant company located in The Hague of the Netherlands. The brief detailed the need to see a finely balanced website, modern, clean and stylish, with a familiar feel expected of a financial website design. Bollard has many financial services, also for medical specialists, and wanted these to stand out in a second website.

The Solution

Two fully responsive platforms with content management capabilities where essential from the off. From our initial discussions we found that Bollard wanted to be able to consistently update a ‘News’ section with a variety of business news & tax updates and share this news
with their clients. We implemented also two financial benchmark tools for Dentist and family doctors.

A simple, yet effective, second website ensured that ‘Services’ were separated from ‘Branches’ they specialized in and proved to be an excellent addition. The domain perfectly fulfills this goal.

We try to make it Modern. Easy to read. Simple to navigate.